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HIGH SPEED HANDPIECE:- Push button type fibre optic handpiece, triple water spray, anti-retraction system, with quick coupling

Air Pressure at the back end of HP: -
206-231 KPa (2.1-2.35 kgf/cm2)
Air Pressure at the gauge in the Dental Unit:-
240-294 KPa (2.45-3.0 kgf/cm2)
Water Pressure:-
198 KPa (2 kg)
Rotation Speed:-
300,000-320,000 rpm
Head Light:-
13.02 mm
Head Diameter:-
12.5 mm
Chuck Type:-
Push button
Bur Applicable:-
1.59mm-1.6mmx21mm-23mm (diameter x length)
Intensity of Light:-
25000 lx
Source of Light:-
LED bulb
Volt of Bulb:-
3.0-3.2 V
Safety Classification:-
B type application part
German Ceramic Bearing

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