(I) Dental Scaler EMS, Woodpecker Compatible - From $750 + GST

Side Portable Scaler:
Option: Detachable Handpiece Perio & Endo Treatment
·High efficiency, beautiful and exquisite shape, easy to operate

·Micro computer chip control system, multi-power adjust,corresponding with several LED lamp

·Handle adopt high quality piezoelectric ceramic ultrasonic transducer, so that the power will not reduce after long time working and produce less heat.

·Frequency tracking automatically, sustained working at the best frequency point

·Water and electricity supply departed, water supply valve set on the right side, easy for adjusting

·Detachable handpiece can be sterilized at 135 ℃

·Given 6 Tips: G1*1/G2*1/G3*1/G4*1/P1*1/ E1*1, compatible with EMS, DEMTEC and woodpecker.
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