'Runyes' (E) Autoclave SEA 12L, B class - From $4250 + GST,


Superior Quality B-class Autoclave which meets all accreditation requirements. Fast load cycle, easy and straight forward to operate, low cost to maintain, affordable.

Unit Specification:

Model SEA 12L Measure
Power 240/50 V/Hz
Wattage 1400 V/Hz
Capacity 12 Litres
Chamber Ø 200/360 mm
Unit Dimensions 390 x 400 x 550 mm(H,W,D)
Weight 48 kgs
Tray Size 310 x 155 mm

Cycle Specification:

Cycle Name ...... Cycle Type ...... Cycle Time
Wrapped Class B 25 min
Unwrapped Class S 18 min
Fast Class S 14 min
SKU: 10003 TAG: Autoclaves B class

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